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Doris - Band “Boss”, Square Dance Caller

Doris is the "mother" of The Majestics Band. She took over the reins after her husband, Larry, passed some 15+ years ago. Doris has been calling square dances for over 35 years and does a fantastic job. She is an avid promoter of square dancing. Doris does bookings for the band and has a full-time job keeping the boys "in line".

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Phil - Steel Guitar, Fiddle 

After 53 years of entertaining the public with The Majestics Band playing steel guitar and fiddle, Phil has retired.  We, as well as our fans, will surely miss him but wish him much happiness and good health during his retirement.  Thank you Phil for 53 years of dedication.

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Bill - Lead Guitar, Banjo, Vocals

Bill is originally from West Chester, PA near Philadelphia and close to the Maryland and Delaware borders, thus giving him exposure to the best of both worlds - Philadelphia Bandstand and live radio country shows.  He came from a musical family of grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, as well as a mother who was continually singing and a father who played fife in the West Chester Fife and Drum Corps. making it possible for him to become a great musician and vocalist.  Bill and his older sister, Helen, sang in the church choir and his sister, being an excellent singer, encouraged Bill and taught him to sing.  Although his brother, Jack, was not a musician, he loved country music and he and his family always encouraged Bill and followed where he was performing.  His father bought him his first $25 guitar and he learned to play from older musicians at backyard jam sessions.  Bill played his first paying job at the US Naval Hospital.  After getting out of the Navy, Bill joined 3 other musicians forming the Nashville Drifters and played with them for 9 years.  The Nashville Drifters played 300 shows two years in a row and opened for artists such as Hank Snow, Ronnie Millsap, The Carter Family, Jack Greene and many others.  They also backed up artists Mel Street, Johnny Dollar, Ruby Wright, etc.  Following that, Bill played with over 30 local performers including Al Shade, Country Persuaders, as well as his own band, Funky Country Band, and finally, The Majestics Band, where he has been since 1999.  Bill loves playing with The Majestics Band since it mixes the old square dance and hoe down with modern country and some rock.  The Majestics Band has the freedom to perform the music they love.  Bill is a fantastic asset to The Majestics Band playing lead guitar, banjo and doing an excellent job on vocals.

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Phil - Drums   

Phil got his first "toy drumset" when he was five years old.  He took drum lessons for 12 years at Charelli Bros. in Reading and started his career playing in the school band and several "garage bands" through high school.  He played for Rich Miller and the Hometowners, a local band from Mertztown in 1972.  He also played for the Duane Angstadt Country Rhythm Band, Free Spirit Band, J.V. Drifters Band, The Renegade Band,  and "Crazy Elmer" and the Outlaws Band.  In addition, he played at the Kutztown PA German Festival with the Country Folks Band and Lester Miller, a well-known hoe down caller.  Phil payed at Three Little Bakers in Milford, Delaware, opening for Brenda Lee and Pam Tillis.  In 1973, he played with The Majestics Band and now in 2013, he has "come home" to play with The Majestics Band once again, doing a fantastic job on the drums.

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Tom - Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals

TOM- BASS, KEYBOARD & VOCALS Tom grew up listening to country music. One of his biggest influences was the late and great Conway Twitty. Tom can remember listening to the albums his father would play over and over. His uncle and cousin were also members of The Majestics Band for several years. Tom has been playing in local bands since the age of 21. He played with a very popular country/oldies/rock band in the southeastern part of PA called First Take for almost 10 years. He followed First Take for many years and when the guitar player decided to retire, Tom was asked to play bass. Never having played bass, he had to go and purchase a bass and learn how to play it within a very short period of time. Tom played bass and provided vocals for First Take until their last job on New Year's Eve 2000. Tom also played bass and provided vocals for The Georgia Dee Band for approximately a year.

In February of 2000, Tom was asked to help out The Majestics Band and has been playing with them since that time. He also runs the sound board and works the lights. Tom likes a variety of music ranging from Conway Twitty to Lynrd Skynrd and you can hear him sing some of the songs from these performers. His most requested song would have to be Hello Darlin' by Conway Twitty and he does a fantastic job on this one.

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Ralph - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Ralph began his musical career at an early age by riding the swing in his backyard and singing to all the neighbors (whether they liked it or not).  As he grew older, he took lead guitar lessons but still had a love for singing.  He soon wound up in the basement of Harvey Moyer.  Harvey was an old-time fiddle player who also knew his way around a guitar.  Harvey taught Ralph to play rhythm guitar and encouraged him to sing.  As Ralph grew older, he played in Harvey's band, but also found himself singing with area favorites such as Shorty Long,  Al Shade and Willis Myers.  After high school, Ralph teamed with Harvey's sons and formed the Dusty Road Ramblers.   The band found much success in the area and would open for many country stars at local fairs and carnivals.  The band's popularity spanned over thirty years.  Ralph had retired from country music, but his love for singing keeps bringing him back for more.  Ralph has many favorites, but always enjoys singing a good old-fashioned country song.

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Jerry - Steel Guitar

Gerard (Jerry) lives in Scranton, PA.  He has an amazing background of playing music and can really make that steel guitar sing with his many styles of playing.  Jerry learned to play the steel from Kitty Wells steel guitar player.  He is already known by many of our fans since he played with several well-known local bands in our area, the Poconos and Northeastern PA and played with the Hickory Rose Band for many years.